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Gaming has turned the internet into a 3D reality, making all other versions of the internet obsolete. Streamplay Studio stands at the forefront of this new frontier. The time to invest is now.

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When casual gaming, esports and branded entertainment merge, magic happens.

2.6 billion gamers. 600 million esports spectators. Millions of tournaments.
The numbers add up to one outcome: Guaranteed revenue.



Our ArcadeX platform supports skills-based tournaments, series and live matches, where subscribers compete in sponsored tournaments to establish rankings, win prizes, and earn participation rewards.

In a hybrid environment of social and esports gaming, subscribers can log in from their mobile, tablet or PC and enter an immersive world of futurist gaming, thanks to our player-ready integrations and high-grade user experience design.

For investors, ArcadeX marks the intersection of the gaming world and the corporate world. The result is inevitable: Revenue on a global scale.


A platform that allows games to be streamed directly to a mobile device.

Our Cloud Gaming platform allows players to stream premium games to their mobile devices without any download requirements and instant access to gaming content. In addition to offering premium game content, our cloud gaming platform supports skill-based tournaments where subscribers compete in sponsored tournaments to establish rankings and win prizes.

Cloud gaming is the future of the gaming industry as it aims to democratize by removing barriers to entry.

For investors, cloud gaming serves as an entry point to the future of gaming.


A platform that streams music and connects users with local artists.

mJams has an impressive base of 1.3 million social fans and is a powerful tool that connects audiences with artists. The features allow users to favorite, share, personalize a playlist, download, watch videos and more on mJams. The platform also boasts with doing the first virtual concert in the Pacific.

For investors mJams offers big opportunities with co-branding, exclusive content and access to brand ambassadors.

Investor Overview

Top-performing esports tournament platform

Over 20 000 000 tournament games played.

Exposure to one of the fastest-growing global Direct Sales Networks

Worth over 250 billion US dollars by 2025.

Multiple areas for growth

Advertising, licensing, sponsorships, subscriptions, merchandising, and more.

Unleashing synergies in the casual gaming and esports industry

Leveraging our extensive network for market share gain.

Executive management with experience in gaming and esports

Leadership that strives for marketable innovation.

Turnkey esports Marketing Solutions for Brands

Connecting brands to gamers and spectators.

eSports Insights

Newzoo’s Games, eSports and Mobile trends to watch 2021

“Our Global Games Market Report shows that in 2021 2.8 billion gamers worldwide will help the global games market generate revenues of US$189.3 billion Emerging markets will drive much of these new revenues, as infrastructure and economies continue to grow across regions like Southeast Asia and the Middle East Northern Africa.”

Newzoo’s Games, eSports and Mobile trends to watch 2021

Meet Our Team

We're a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and hardcore gamers. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful digital products that connect with people, just like you.

Bert Mondello

Non-executive Chairman

Philip Re

Non-executive Director

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